An a-what-a?



When I first moved to LA and drove around the neighborhoods I immediately recognized the Circus Liquor clown. I mean, it’s not only from one of my favorite movies of all time, but I literally idiolized Cher from Clueless. So when driving around the valley it only made sense to stop and take a photo of my look in front of the the infamous clown. I really wanted to style my new trench coat with with a long cotton spandex skirt. The cotton spandex graphic tank gives the look a more casual vibe with still looking sleek. The shoes are GX by Gwen Stefani for a twist on your average black pump. This look is appropriate for both work and play and the spandex makes it ever so comfortable and easy to move in.


Rainy day in LA?


imageimageUs angelenos wake up to sunshine every day, but every once in a blue moon we wake up to rain. Good news for you, your one (or two or three) coats you’ve saved for this one special occasion in LA – the rainy day – have come into good use. In a panic I compose myself and think of a logical outfit to put together; a classic white tee and distressed jeans with a statement shoe to pair perfectly with my vintage find (yes you read correctly) vintage fur coat. I walk around town feeling like a true P.I.M.P.  with an understanding I paid less then (wait for it….) 10 whole dollars for a fabulous coat I have stored away in my closet for that one rainy day in LA. For all those stingy “I never thrift” ladies that walk amongst us, the next time you walk by a trendy little lady just remember she probably got your rainy day fur coat for 1/15 face value. Because after all, why pay face value for a rainy day coat while living in a place that never rains.

Running around.





There’s a new trend that has started which is wearing running shoes with your every day outfit. These shoes can vary in color and shape and brand. I personally am not one to wear sneakers with my daily ensemble, but I am one to try everything once. When I told my boyfriend I wanted to wear my running shoes with my look, he gave me one of those confused “what are you thinking” faces, but when I put it together he was pleasantly surprised. So I dusted off my nikes from Runyon Canyon and I paired them with some black skinnys. A simple white V-neck tee and black blazer add a bit more sophistication to the look to avoid looking too “soccer mom”. I also threw on a neon beanie to add some more color to my outfit and to tie in the color of the shoes. This was a perfect outfit to go walking around Santa Monica in. I walked the pier (which I haven’t done in years), ate a corn dog and had a couple of beers at a small dive bar on the beach. If you want to wear comfortable shoes to walk around in, this is the way to do it.

Not rushing, blushing.



I keep seeing all these photos floating through out the web of celebrities and fashion bloggers freezing at NYFW in their super chic faux fur jackets and luxe knit sweaters. One word – jealous. However, I guess I can’t complain running around Los Angeles in 75 degree weather on a wednesday. So i wanted to find a way to transition from my California winter into my California spring with still trying to sport a light ready to wear spring trench coat. This blush color is a perfect combination of a winter/spring transition and it happens to be such a breathable fabric choice for warm weather. I paired it together with a cream chiffon blouse and black leather pants with netted cream pointed toe pumps. I finished it off with a Micheal Kors bag and rose gold watch. This is a perfect outfit for warm weather in February while  still trying to give off that winter vibe. This look was featured at the Americana at Brand while I was not “rushing” to get errands done before a girls night at the movies.

Back in the game.

 image imageimageimage

Well, I’ve been out of the game for a little while but the good news is I’m back! As if the holidays weren’t hectic enough, I was also busy moving in with my boyfriend (exciting! And expensive!) so my priorities weren’t exactly focused on writing new posts. However, I still had my fashion game on, so here’s some looks that you’ve missed to bring you back up to speed. Los Angeles can be a difficult city to dress according to season in because the weather is always so beautiful (I mean, you can’t complain). So each look has to be strategically put together to dress appropriate to season yet comfortable in the weather. Each one of the looks above were taken in 70-80 degree weather so you can get an idea of how you can work the seasonal fashion trends into practicality. I’m writing this post currently in the look pictured first at a restaurant in west Hollywood. Don’t worry though, I have a blazer on standby for when the night cooks down.