Back in the game.

 image imageimageimage

Well, I’ve been out of the game for a little while but the good news is I’m back! As if the holidays weren’t hectic enough, I was also busy moving in with my boyfriend (exciting! And expensive!) so my priorities weren’t exactly focused on writing new posts. However, I still had my fashion game on, so here’s some looks that you’ve missed to bring you back up to speed. Los Angeles can be a difficult city to dress according to season in because the weather is always so beautiful (I mean, you can’t complain). So each look has to be strategically put together to dress appropriate to season yet comfortable in the weather. Each one of the looks above were taken in 70-80 degree weather so you can get an idea of how you can work the seasonal fashion trends into practicality. I’m writing this post currently in the look pictured first at a restaurant in west Hollywood. Don’t worry though, I have a blazer on standby for when the night cooks down.


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