Running around.





There’s a new trend that has started which is wearing running shoes with your every day outfit. These shoes can vary in color and shape and brand. I personally am not one to wear sneakers with my daily ensemble, but I am one to try everything once. When I told my boyfriend I wanted to wear my running shoes with my look, he gave me one of those confused “what are you thinking” faces, but when I put it together he was pleasantly surprised. So I dusted off my nikes from Runyon Canyon and I paired them with some black skinnys. A simple white V-neck tee and black blazer add a bit more sophistication to the look to avoid looking too “soccer mom”. I also threw on a neon beanie to add some more color to my outfit and to tie in the color of the shoes. This was a perfect outfit to go walking around Santa Monica in. I walked the pier (which I haven’t done in years), ate a corn dog and had a couple of beers at a small dive bar on the beach. If you want to wear comfortable shoes to walk around in, this is the way to do it.


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