Rainy day in LA?


imageimageUs angelenos wake up to sunshine every day, but every once in a blue moon we wake up to rain. Good news for you, your one (or two or three) coats you’ve saved for this one special occasion in LA – the rainy day – have come into good use. In a panic I compose myself and think of a logical outfit to put together; a classic white tee and distressed jeans with a statement shoe to pair perfectly with my vintage find (yes you read correctly) vintage fur coat. I walk around town feeling like a true P.I.M.P.  with an understanding I paid less then (wait for it….) 10 whole dollars for a fabulous coat I have stored away in my closet for that one rainy day in LA. For all those stingy “I never thrift” ladies that walk amongst us, the next time you walk by a trendy little lady just remember she probably got your rainy day fur coat for 1/15 face value. Because after all, why pay face value for a rainy day coat while living in a place that never rains.


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