Big Boy.

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I spent the day yesterday running around the valley with my boyfriend checking out new neighborhoods and new prospects for his Real Estate company. Everyone in southern California knows the iconic Bobs Big Boy, or even if you don’t live in southern California you probably have at least seen Austin Powers. The Bobs closest to my home is in Toluca Lake, but my boyfriend mentions to me “did you know the Bobs in Sun Valley has a bar?” Immediately I’m like, say what? So we head over there for lunch and an afternoon beer. I like to switch up my style day to day, sometimes dressing more menswear and others dressing more feminine. I paired the polka dot skirt (which I also featured in the fall) with a light blue cotton button up to add a more professional on the go approach. The neon pink Enzo Angiolini pumps give this look a pop of color and a little edge ( I mean, who wants to wear black pumps and be boring, right?) My hair is ridiculously long so I chose to wear a high pony tail to keep this look from becoming too busy. If you have short hair, I would say it wouldn’t be a problem. This is the perfect look for a professional on the go.


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