School house Rock






A rare occasion in weather change in SoCal makes a great occasion to change up your outfit. Anyone who has shopped with me knows that I am a smart bargain shopper. The other day I was running some errands with my boyfriend and we stopped in Target (which is torturous for me because I always end up coming out with a ton of stuff I don’t need). However, I came across this amazing faux leather grey jacket on clearance for – get this – twelve dollars. Obviously I bought it and just told my boyfriend “I’ll just save it for next season”. Little did I know, the very next day it was overcast and raining. For some reason I was in the mood to wear knee highs ( it could have been the fact that I was watching clips from Clueless the night before) so I paired them with a faux leather skirt. The burgundy plaid crop top perfectly ties in with the patten leather Mary Jane’s. My new grey jacket gives the school girl look a little bit more of an edge, and the white faux fur scarf gives it a sense of warmth on a cool day. The Michael Kors jet set backpack is the perfect accessory to complete the outfit. This ready-to-wear look is great for that rare overcast day.


One thought on “School house Rock

  1. jmbuk77

    Hi! Great vintage vibe this! The idea of choosing to wear knee high socks is a great inspiration as I love them in outfits! Great photos! Thanks for sharing!


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