All Aboard.


I’m officially on “maternity leave”. I use that term loosely because I’m sure any mom’s to be can agree when I say it really is anything but relaxing. Sure I can sit on the couch all day at my leisure and watch endless amounts of Bravo TV, but the amount of angst I feel dwelling within me is something I have not yet experienced. I’m a cancer sign, and we really don’t like change or break of routine. With that being said, me breaking my routine of working (which I work in the service industry so my income varies weekly), is totally messing with my vibe. I have to reconfigure my weekly “budget” (a budget, whats that?)  and can only focus on buying essentials. So no impulse shopping – which is a weakness of mine. Do you know how hard it is to go get a mani/pedi and walk by all the clothing shops and not enter them? Hey, everyone has their vices. You might be thinking, there’s so much going on in the world Chelsea and you’re here complaining about about setting up a budget so you don’t shop as much? Well I’m about to be 38 weeks pregnant and I’m allowed to think whatever I want. Carrying a human is hard work – and I’m starting to think Kim Kardashian was right, being pregnant sucks (in the feeling big and uncomfortable everywhere sense). However, nothing puts me in a better mood then putting on a good outfit. I’m not going to lie, this charcoal maxi dress by PinkBlush Maternity was a win.

I don’t care how stressed out you are, how lazy you feel, how big you feel – when you put on the right outfit, it pulls you right out of that funk. In all honesty, when you’re this far along (37/38 weeks) you need to wear maternity clothes and maternity dresses and leave it up to the professionals whose job is to flatter your body no matter how big you feel. This maternity maxi dress you can find at PinkBlush and is the perfect soft/airy material that fits you in all the right places. In my opinion it’s versatile for many occasions. I chose to keep it casual with black rimmed hat and black chunky heels (low heels, let’s not get too crazy my feet do swell pretty fast these days). This is the perfect maxi dress to wear for the holidays and with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching it can be yours too. With the help of PinkBlush, I will be giving away a $75 gift card to their online maternity boutique via my instagram @ChelseaEckland on Wednesday 11/25 at 8pm pacific time. All you have to do is follow my account and theirs @PinkBlushMaternity to find out how to enter. For all you moms to be, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get some killer maternity clothes to make you feel fabulous just in time for all those holiday photos!


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