It’s the final countdown.


It’s the first of December which means it’s my sons birthday month and the final countdown. I’m approaching 39 weeks in a few days and I am SO ready (well as ready as a new mom can possibly be). It seems like just yesterday it was April 1st and I was in Malibu with my best girlfriends wondering if there was a possibility I was pregnant. It seems like such a journey but looking back at it the past 9 months went by pretty fast. Doesn’t it seem like you see a headline on a magazine about a celebrity being pregnant and then the next thing you know there’s a new headline about that same celebrity having her baby? Didn’t Kim Kardashian just announce she was pregnant with baby number two and now all the sudden she’s having her second baby before me? What is happening! And why does Diet Coke taste so good these days….

I can officially say with confidence that I am the biggest I have ever been in my entire life at the moment. I stare at myself in the mirror and wonder “how in the **** is my stomach going to shrink back to normal?” and “will I ever be able to wear a crop top again???” Oy, the mom struggle is real. Needless to say, sweaters are my best friend right now.

I actually really love this white knit sweater by PinkBlush Maternity. The gold appliqué on the arms is a great accent for the holidays. This is a sweater I see myself wearing during my maternity and after as well. I chose to wear it with my dark wash maternity skinny jeans, and brown lace up boots. Pairing it with a red Michael Kors bag adds an extra festive vibe for the holiday season. I really like to experiment with my make up, so I chose to wear a purple lip by Mac Cosmetics with just a little mascara. You can find more trendy maternity clothes like what I wore at PinkBlush and they offer great sales throughout the Holiday season (because I know all mom’s to be like to keep an eye on their spending). Some of my  favorite maternity clothes during this pregnancy have come from PinkBlush because they really know how to flatter a woman’s growing baby bump while keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. Now it’s the final countdown and final week until my sons arrival! Happy Holidays!


One thought on “It’s the final countdown.

  1. Debra McGinley

    Chelsea: you have been precious through out you’re pregnancy. A beautiful mom to be… Congratulations on that sweet baby boy coming soon!!! Motherhood is the ultimate feeling you will ever have… This new life will change you’re heart forever!!!! It will never ever be the same!! PinkBlush could not have chosen a better model and spokesman for their products. You wore them well…congratulations PinkBlush!!! Cannot wait to see you’re new boy and you’re new family. My love to you all!!!!!


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