Good vibes only.

IMG_9237IMG_9232IMG_9234IMG_9233IMG_9252It’s funny how life works.

I seemed to be in this weird negative funk the last few weeks. Feeling mopey, down in the dumps, always getting into unnecessary arguments with my husband. It just seemed like the universe was not in my favor. I had one of those Charlotte from Sex and the City 2 moments where she locked herself in the kitchen closet and had a total meltdown, except I wasn’t wearing vintage Prada, I was wearing jean shorts at Hooters. Whatever.

But then out of nowhere, I had some killer nights at work, making some serious cheddar. I got a notice from Steve Madden on one of my photos asking to repost it. We opened an Escrow. I even got a free round of coffees at Starbucks! Things that make you go, Hmmm….what is happening. I’m a serious believer in Karma and I try to be the best possible person at all times. I try to be kind to everyone, and put a smile on my face even if I’m sad. And I guess the universe turned the tables for me and reassured me everything was alright and to calm it down.

Every time I’m in Palm Springs I stop into the Trina Turk shop. Her designs are so vibrant and embellish everything I like about living in California. Colorful, fun, Modern Retro. When I put on her clothes I feel happy. So it only made sense to wear this look to the beach. The orange top is actually a swimsuit, and it caught my eye immediately when I was shopping. The sales associate told me I could double it up as a body suit, so that’s exactly what I did. The pants you can wear by the pool, or with a bathing suit top, or even with a blouse. I just put on a low sandal which was easy for walking around the boardwalk, and easy to slip off to put my feet into the sand. It had been awhile since I walked around in the sand, I almost forgot how therapeutic it really is.

You can find the suit here , and the pants here .

Just when you think you can’t get out of your funk, you do.


3rd St.


I’ll never forget when my husband and I first got married how many times we traveled to West LA to the DEERS office. We had to in order for me to obtain my military dependent ID, and this just happened to be the most convenient/ inconvenient location. It seemed like every time we would go, they would need some sort of other information, or different form of ID, or whatever they could think of. If you thought getting a new ID at the DMV was tough…

BUT, maybe after our fourth time going there we finally got the hang of it (lol). Our ID’s were expiring so we had to make yet another trip last week, but instead of taking the 405 south from the valley, we now take the more scenic route through Hollywood. And honestly, it takes a shorter amount of time believe it or not.

Us being us, decide to make a day of it and travel just about 10 more minutes after to go down to the 3rd St. promenade. If you’ve never been, it’s about three blocks worth of shops, restaurants and bars just down the street from the ocean. It’s a great place to take yourself, your friends and your family. We love taking Maximus there because he seems to be so calm, cool & collected while he’s being strolled around. We got lucky and the Dodger game had just started so we stopped into Barney’s Beanery for a cold one. Also, Cabo Cantina allows all ages in until 4pm. 😉

I haven’t seen denim skirts so popular since I was in High School and Laguna Beach was all the rage. This particular one I purchased from Free People and you can find it here. They’re so versatile, dressing them up or down for day or night. I chose to wear mine with some nude booties from Steve Madden (which are most likely on sale right now), and just a classic razor back tee that I’ve had for YEARS. A simple look that can take you from the DEERS office straight to the promenade.

Hello again.

IMG_8622IMG_8620IMG_8623IMG_8625Two years ago on April 1st (April fools day) I found out I was pregnant and my world got turned upside down. My husband thought I was playing a prank on him but clearly, I was not.

As I sit here writing this now, I’m watching my now toddler ride around on his Mickey Mouse fire truck while throwing Legos all over our apartment. It took me a very long time to get to this point where I was able to write again, but I knew in my heart I would eventually get there.

I was so unhappy with myself, trying to identify as a mother, trying not to analyze my new body ever chance I had. But now, I feel back to normal. Back to Chelsea. Back to being able to put together outfits that weren’t just a pair of shorts, a tank top and flip flops. I mean, I wore heels more when I was pregnant then I did the last year. Now that is some shit right there.

If you have read any of my previous posts, it was obvious I was dealing with a lot. A new baby, the sudden death of my father by suicide, jumping from job to job, searching for the old me.

I want to start this return off lightly, no one wants to jump right into the heavy stuff.

On that note, I’m totally into this clear bootie/sandal trend. At first it reminded me of my early bikini contest phase, where we would wear clear platform sandals and I was like “ehh I’m not sure”. But after pairing them with the right look, I was feeling ON POINT. I would personally wear them with boyfriend jeans (as photoed) or a jean skirt or shorts. This is a statement shoe, so I wouldn’t over do it on top. A silky tank with a colorful bralette completes the look.

Shoes : Steve Madden

Jeans: Lucky brand

Bralette: Free People

Tank : Rose and Sage Toluca Lake

Purse: Michael Kors