3rd St.


I’ll never forget when my husband and I first got married how many times we traveled to West LA to the DEERS office. We had to in order for me to obtain my military dependent ID, and this just happened to be the most convenient/ inconvenient location. It seemed like every time we would go, they would need some sort of other information, or different form of ID, or whatever they could think of. If you thought getting a new ID at the DMV was tough…

BUT, maybe after our fourth time going there we finally got the hang of it (lol). Our ID’s were expiring so we had to make yet another trip last week, but instead of taking the 405 south from the valley, we now take the more scenic route through Hollywood. And honestly, it takes a shorter amount of time believe it or not.

Us being us, decide to make a day of it and travel just about 10 more minutes after to go down to the 3rd St. promenade. If you’ve never been, it’s about three blocks worth of shops, restaurants and bars just down the street from the ocean. It’s a great place to take yourself, your friends and your family. We love taking Maximus there because he seems to be so calm, cool & collected while he’s being strolled around. We got lucky and the Dodger game had just started so we stopped into Barney’s Beanery for a cold one. Also, Cabo Cantina allows all ages in until 4pm. 😉

I haven’t seen denim skirts so popular since I was in High School and Laguna Beach was all the rage. This particular one I purchased from Free People and you can find it here. They’re so versatile, dressing them up or down for day or night. I chose to wear mine with some nude booties from Steve Madden (which are most likely on sale right now), and just a classic razor back tee that I’ve had for YEARS. A simple look that can take you from the DEERS office straight to the promenade.


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