Good vibes only.

IMG_9237IMG_9232IMG_9234IMG_9233IMG_9252It’s funny how life works.

I seemed to be in this weird negative funk the last few weeks. Feeling mopey, down in the dumps, always getting into unnecessary arguments with my husband. It just seemed like the universe was not in my favor. I had one of those Charlotte from Sex and the City 2 moments where she locked herself in the kitchen closet and had a total meltdown, except I wasn’t wearing vintage Prada, I was wearing jean shorts at Hooters. Whatever.

But then out of nowhere, I had some killer nights at work, making some serious cheddar. I got a notice from Steve Madden on one of my photos asking to repost it. We opened an Escrow. I even got a free round of coffees at Starbucks! Things that make you go, Hmmm….what is happening. I’m a serious believer in Karma and I try to be the best possible person at all times. I try to be kind to everyone, and put a smile on my face even if I’m sad. And I guess the universe turned the tables for me and reassured me everything was alright and to calm it down.

Every time I’m in Palm Springs I stop into the Trina Turk shop. Her designs are so vibrant and embellish everything I like about living in California. Colorful, fun, Modern Retro. When I put on her clothes I feel happy. So it only made sense to wear this look to the beach. The orange top is actually a swimsuit, and it caught my eye immediately when I was shopping. The sales associate told me I could double it up as a body suit, so that’s exactly what I did. The pants you can wear by the pool, or with a bathing suit top, or even with a blouse. I just put on a low sandal which was easy for walking around the boardwalk, and easy to slip off to put my feet into the sand. It had been awhile since I walked around in the sand, I almost forgot how therapeutic it really is.

You can find the suit here , and the pants here .

Just when you think you can’t get out of your funk, you do.


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